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What's different about MNTP?

Minnesota Technical Performance Golf is an OrthoLinked network select and award winning instructor based out of Prestwick Golf Club in Woodbury, Minnesota.

The golf lessons you have had in the past have focused entirely on technique or swing mechanics. Sometimes the technical ailment was misdiagnosed, poorly explained, or may not have even been mechanical in nature! That makes it difficult for you to see real improvement. The problem with a technical focus that is blind to other aspects of your golf game is that you may struggle for years to implement a new swing path, or shallowing the golf club, or release pattern, or a rotation sequence THAT DOESN'T EVEN FIT YOUR BODY TYPE OR ABILITY! Instruction this way puts skill acquisition before technique. It's great to look "picture perfect" when you swing a golf club, but can you make the golf ball do what you want it to do? Can you hit the shot that gives you the best result, when you need it? That's skill. That's execution. And THAT is the golf you want to be playing. HERE is where you start.



... Total of 82.  By far my best ever.  If I had just made a few more putts I could have maybe hit my goal of a round in the 70s.

Ended up with 10 pars.  Was putting for birdie on all of them.  2 double bogies.  And the rest bogies.


I owe so much of this to you and I can’t thank you enough.  I have had so much fun this summer I really don’t want to stop..."

John Potter, Director of Player Development

About John:’s Top Instructor for 2019 and 2020 has called Prestwick Golf Club home for 18+ years. John was an all-state golfer and top-3 ranked junior in high school before playing four years of NCAA DII golf at St. Paul’s Concordia University. John started his tenure at Prestwick as an Assistant Professional before he transitioned into teaching full-time. John now leads a variety of game improvement programs and builds curriculum for all of our programming and junior courses. John also assists some of the area’s top junior golfers by coaching with East Ridge High School and Concordia University. He is an OrthoLinked network coach working alongside orthopedic doctors and trainers to help YOU move better! John has experience in finding creative ways to bring more joy to the golf games of many amputees, paraplegic, and several neurologically and physiologically limited clients (including palsy, parkinson's, MS, and more). John’s approach to teaching is unique and insightful – working with your unique abilities to make sure your swing makes sense for YOU and your skillset and approach are going to allow you to play your best golf. John has a great understanding of biomechanics, physical fitness, and sports psychology to craft a unique approach to developing your golf game. Many area instructors can articulate to you a fundamental understanding of the golf swing. Experience in playing competitive golf, understanding the physical and mental challenges - not just in the golf swing but in the greater game, and ongoing education in physical wellness and sports psychology are what set John apart from the golf pro down the street.

"...he works with your body, ability, range of motion, and helps you lay the framework to creating a consistent motion. I was at a point where I would hit the green, pick the ball up, and head to the next tee. John saved my putting and has brought some enjoyment back to the game for me!"

"I've never had an instructor create such a noticeable improvement so quickly in my game!"

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